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AI Research & Data Science Engineer


NeuroBlade is looking for an AI Research & Data Science Engineer to join our fast-growing engineering team. We are looking for brilliant and passionate people to join us and play a major role in building the next big thing in AI! If you enjoy working on cutting edge technologies and solving complex problems, and  have  team spirit and a can-do-attitude – Your place is with us!

Founded in 2017,  NeuroBlade set out on a mission to redefine computer architecture for AI and other memory intensive tasks. We build high performance solutions for the rapidly growing AI market while lowering costs and power usage. NeuroBlade’s unique hardware solution paired with a complete end-to-end SW stack, enables businesses to take the next leap forward by increasing the efficiency and affordability of their devices from edge devices to datacenters.

NeuroBlade’s state of the art AI compiler is a complex software that requires our engineers to solve difficult problems in low and high level optimization, data-science, graph theory, linear algebra and more.


  • Analyze, optimize & adapt state of the art AI algorithms for maximal performance and accuracy in NeuroBlade’s products leverage.
  • data science as an optimization tool across our solutions.


  • 5+ years experience in algorithm development
  • Proficiency in Python and AI frameworks
  • In-depth understanding of AI and Deep-Learning
  • Enthusiastic about Deep-Learning with a passion for reading and staying up to date on the latest AI algorithms and trends.
  • Linux and the terminal are your bread and butter
  • Computer science or electronics engineering degree from a leading institution


  • Contributes to an AI related open source project
  • Advanced degree in computer science or mathematics
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