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About us

Founded in 2017 and backed by top-tier VCs StageOne Ventures, Grove Ventures, Marius Nacht and Intel Capital, NeuroBlade set out on a mission to redefine computer architecture for AI and other memory intensive tasks. We build high performance solutions for the rapidly growing AI market while lowering costs and power consumption.

We gathered a team of experts with backgrounds in data science, algorithms, software, and chip design to meet the specific needs of AI workloads.

NeuroBlade’s unique chip solution paired with a complete end-to-end SW stack, enables businesses to take the next leap forward by increasing the efficiency and affordability of their devices from edge to datacenters.


Elad Sity

Elad Sity

CEO, co-founder
Eliad Hillel

Eliad Hillel

VP Product Strategy & CTO, co-founder
David Shamir

David Shamir

VP Research & Development


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