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Breaking the
memory chains.

Fast general purpose AI execution
with no memory bottlenecks and no accuracy compromises.


Top performance

Accelerated AI computation at a low cost with low power usage thanks to zero memory bottlenecks

A complete software solution

Our software seamlessly integrates with popular AI frameworks and compiles to maximize hardware performance


One stop shop

Handle multiple applications simultaneously on a single device with no latency in task switching


From edge devices to datacenters, NeuroBlade is a solution that fits the hardware to the users’ needs and not the other way around

General purpose AI

Support any AI topology in very high chip utilization

Best accuracy

Train your model on any machine. Migrate to NeuroBlade with ease and with no effect on accuracy

Performance unchained

High density memory bottlenecks are the key performance limitation for AI. NeuroBlade’s solution is free of memory constraints thanks to its holistic approach which redefines the system level architecture from the ground up. This approach significantly improves logic-to-memory interfaces and re-balances the computer system and memory to facilitate fast AI execution.

NeuroBlade’s unique approach overcomes fundamental AI challenges, eliminating memory bottlenecks while maintaining access to high density memories without diminishing the accuracy of the trained model.


Join us to bring the next generation of fast AI computing!

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